April 10, 2024

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Daniel Craig bids farewell to 007: ‘No Time to Die’ movie review

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Daniel Craig as James Bond

Each time a Bond movie is released you wonder if it will surpass the previous one. With ‘No Time to Die’ I can simply say yes, indeed. In my own opinion, I can say this movie was amazing. On its release, it raked in £25m in the first three days. No Time to Die has beaten Skyfall and Spectre, two other and equally excellent Bond movies.

Sadly, this is Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie and the question is who is going to replace him – will we be seeing our first female Bond? Would it work and will the franchise be tarnished by replacing James Bond with a female character? Not that I have any qualms about this, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

As per usual, you can not have a Bond movie without it’s obligatory baddie, which comes in the form of Lyutsifer Safin, portrayed by the brilliant Rami Malek – a former assassin of Spectre, and the portrayer of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. Whilst his role was not as great as some other Bond baddies, he carried off the part very well.

From the beginning, this movie was laying out the path for James Bond’s final days. It had intrigue violence and a storyline to tug at your heart strings and I can see why MGM Eon Productions wisely held off and resisted streaming the movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime – a James Bond film belongs to the big screen only.

No Time to Die is full of great stunts, which is evidenced by Daniel Craig’s broken ankle injury during filming, which delayed its release alongside Covid.

If you’re a James Bond fan like me – I urge you to go and experience it on the big screen.

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