July 18, 2024

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Andrew Fletcher wins public votes

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Below 2020 Media had held an exhibition at the Fareham Library since 17th December 2022, the exhibition was for our visually impaired photography club which was formed in the early of 2022 with funding from The National Lottery Community Fund who kindly granted us with over £9,000 to kick off our club with camera equipment and transport costs.

Today the exhibition came to and end and there was 227 public votes to which our winner Andrew Fletcher received 53 of those votes, we would like to congratulate Andrew for a well deserved win and a trophy to remind him of his win.

Andrew is quoted saying “I’m my worst critic as I always look at my own photos and think I could do better, so it’s nice to know other people like them.’

Well I don’t think Andrew needs to worry about improving his skills any more.

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