May 25, 2024

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International recognition for photography club

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Canmore Canada by : Dave Taylor

Below 2020 Media’s visually impaired photography club has had international recognition from Global News Canada who saw the BBC news story about the exhibition being held at the Fareham library and wanted to come and film the club members and their art work.

Crystal Goomansingh who works for Global News Canada based in London was interested because she saw two photos in the exhibition from her beloved Canada taken by Dave Taylor who is Below 2020 Media’s chairman, contact was made and a date was arranged to visit the south of England.

The visually impaired photography club members are all in some way sight impaired with different levels of degree but they all share their passion for photography, the club was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and the members have certainly wasted no time in showing what they are capable of doing.

Below 2020 Media Photography Club Sue Robb, Terry Stubbington, Andrew Fletcher Elena Sommers with Crystal Goomansingh and Brendon from Global News Canada

Unfortunately not all of clubs members were able to attend due to prior arrangements but those who did had an amazing time being filmed and getting their five minutes of fame, Global News Canada filmed the exhibition in Fareham Library before heading to Gosport to complete their filming across Portsmouth Harbour and the Spinnaker Tower in the background.

The story was aired across Canada on Friday evening and soon after the club had someone from Canada wanting to join their Facebook page, so it goes to show no matter what your disability is never give up on your passion, the exhibition is on until 2nd February so please pop in if you are in the area.

Canadian Rockies by ; Dave Taylor

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