May 25, 2024

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Three Royal Sisters – Inspired by sight loss charity

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Elena Sommers is a visually impaired writer. She lives in Portchester near the castle with her two young daughters, before she started going to activities arranged by a local charity Losing my Sight Elena received a diploma in higher education in humanities, however, despite being bilingual and university education, she failed to find a job.

When Elena joined the group and completed a few activities such as sailing, climbing, archery and photography, she noticed strong visually impaired personalities, who are achieving the amazing things to gain their own independence and building up confidence to live more exciting life and create strong friendships.

Dave Taylor Chairman of Losing My Sight said he is very proud and honoured that someone who has taken part in some of our activities, has gain the confidence and independence to go out and write a children’s book, this is exactly what the charity is all about. Despite of his eye condition, he is managing to run this charity and achieve splendid results. Zoe Hanscombe too is running a useful group for blind people and organising some activities despite of her eyesight problems. Clark and Caroline achieved a risky and exciting parachute jump, despite their conditions.

Because of an amazing example from those people and Losing My Sight charity, this book was written.

Elena mentioned that her mum used to write books, but never published them. It was a double reason for her to publish this one.

The book is called “Three Royal Sisters” and is a short story of three teenage sisters and their father who is a king with ill health who wants to hand over his kingdom to the daughter who gathered the most treasure for him.

The book can be found on Amazon by following the link.

The book is aimed for the age group of five to ten year olds, and has a price range of £9.99.

I found it a good read and the book lends its self to a sequel with many more adventures for the three sisters.

Elena has come a long way to achieve her dream of being an author, she was born in St Petersburg Russia and grew up around golden palaces and castles. It’s no surprise that she has written a fairytale children’s book which features a king and a castle.