June 23, 2024

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Too Old To Learn Piano? – 9 Reasons Why You’re Not.

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by: Stephanie Mitchell, from Australia

You might be wondering: Am I too old for piano lessons?

Let’s face it, the older you get, the harder it becomes to remember things. Your joints don’t work as well as they once did and aren’t as flexible.

Life gets in the way and practicing becomes difficult. You may even feel that since you missed that vital window as a child, that it is too late to learn now.

Even growing up, maybe teachers told you that you didn’t have a musical bone in your body, so it sounds like the odds are stacked against you, right?

It gets better and you are never too old to learn piano. Want to know the best part? With some simple online tools and a change of mindset and determination on your part, it is possible for you to learn to play piano. Your dream of playing that piece you always wanted to learn can finally become reality! I am going to tell you about just how fun learning piano can be.

I’m going to share the 9 coolest reasons why you are not too old to learn piano…


You Are More Motivated-

 As an adult, you are more motivated than children usually are.

Here’s the thing: as an adult, you really want to learn how to play piano and because you aren’t forced to learn, your motivation is higher. Lessons will be fun because you have the strong desire to learn.

Here’s the kicker, because you have the motivation and desire, you will succeed at playing the music you love.


You Know What Your Goals Are-

Even though you may have a disadvantage compared to all those children who had taken lessons week in, week out. Unlike children, you have a goal. A piece you always wanted to learn is within reach. The desire to learn the songs you love is now possible. All you need to do is sit down and work out what you want to achieve from lessons.

Is it a song you wish to learn?
A technique you always wanted to learn?
Perhaps you love a particular style of music.

Whatever it is: grab onto it and write them down. Now, you are on your way to learning piano!


Learning The Piano is Fun-

As a child, learning can become boring. But, now you are an adult, learning can be fun!

Lessons aren’t just about sitting at a piano, playing boring music and technique anymore. Now, there is an abundance of software, apps and even online lessons out there!

These make the process of learning much more enjoyable, and with so many resources now available, learning can be fun!

So, when looking for a teacher or online lessons, make sure they use a variety of resources and approaches.


Learning Piano Stimulates The Brain-

Yes, you read that right! Music stimulates the brain. It uses both sides of the brain, which is fantastic for maintaining mental health and activity.

Learning piano is stimulating; it makes you think and allows the brain to get a good work out.


Unlike a child, you are a Fluent Reader-

Remember back to when you started reading? It was hard work remembering all those words and it could be frustrating.

As an adult, you are able to read and understand the materials given to you. No struggling with the words on the page. Even reading music will be easy. You understand the logical up and down movement of music notation and you will pick it up fairly easily.


Everyone is Musical-

You may be wondering, is everyone musical?

Or, is there hope for me as someone who doesn’t have a musical bone in my body?

Everyone is musical, even if you don’t think you are.

Don’t listen to all those people who say that you are too old to learn piano because you are not musical. Music is built into everyone.

Every time you walk, you are doing a rhythm.

When your heart beats, you are creating rhythm also.

Your voice is a musical instrument.

Now, take hold of this fact and don’t let it stop you for learning piano. Find a teacher online, or some software and start learning today.


Online Lessons and Software Makes the Piano Accessible-

Gone are the days when you have to find a teacher in your local area, now lessons can be conducted online. It can take many forms from video lessons to Skype lessons.

There are many books and piano software out there also. Learning the piano is more accessible than ever before.

So, take the plunge and start learning with some online lessons or software. You won’t regret it!


Learning Piano Relieves Stress-

Let’s face it- life is no picnic. It is stressful at times. The busyness of life becomes overwhelming.

Learning an instrument such as the piano can really help with your stress levels. It gives you something to focus on apart from your everyday life. You can sit down and play some music, and be transformed into another world. Music can cut through all the stresses of life and enable you to forget, just for a moment, the stresses of life.


You have a More Logically Approach to Learning –

You have a far more logical approach to learning than a child does. You will be able to practice far more effectively.

You take more logical view of the piano and you will be able to understand the ‘why’ behind certain techniques. You can understand things such as the structure of the music better.



Take the reasons above and begin your piano learning journey. Remember, you are not too old to learn the piano. Grab some online lessons and start inviting the riches of music into your life today.