May 27, 2024

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The Meadows

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Our friendship started when we were only in our childhood years, playing in the meadow picking buttercups and shining them under our chins, making daisy chains to go around our necks.

As we grew up you blossomed into a teenager, some days stroppy and others caring, I stood by you whatever mood you were in – because that’s what friends are for.

In our late teens you began to mature into a young woman, we held hands as we walked through the meadow with the summer sun warming on our skin, this was time summer I declared my love for you. I thought it was a mistake, you never responded when I said I love you, I didn’t want to look in your eyes in fear of your rejection, but I could not take the suspense anymore, I turned round and saw a tears trickling down your soft cheeks. Before I could ask what was wrong, you placed a finger on my lips, signaling for me to remain silent, then you whispered I love you.

We both smiled our hands cupped together and continued our walk through the meadow in the summer sun, that walk could have lasted forever because I haven’t been that happy for such a long time, but in this moment I shall cherish to hear those words from your lips ‘I love you.’

A few years passed, now you’re in your early twenties, I can still remember that day in the meadow when our love was secured by those tender words ‘I love you’. But now we are now married, you are with child and our love has been cemented with this baby, you shine with radiance and beauty as the life of our baby starts to show.

A few months then came and went, we now have a daughter and the two of us became a three, my pride was bursting my life complete with the sounds of happy baby feet.

Years passed and our family grew by another one you gave me a son, our love was so strong our family unit was complete; we were at peace – knowing we can grow old together and my love for you is stronger than ever.

We were proud of our kids they excelled in everything, now they are grown up and have families themselves, we have time to walk through the meadow one more time feeling the summer sun on our skin. I hold your hand so tender and caring remembering the good times we had, just walking through the meadow laughing all the time.

Do you remember the buttercups and daisy chains? Me confessing my love and tears trickling down your cheeks.

Even more years have passed us by, you lay in bed most of the day,

your memory is not as it used too be, age has caught up with you and me. I feel so sad as you no longer know the illness you have, you can not remember the past. I sit by your side holding your hand, saying ‘I love you’.

Our children rarely come to visit us, through out the years caring for them, changing their nappies, teaching them to walk and talk, showing them how to ride a bike and how to bake a cake; all the happy birthdays we had whilst they were growing up… I can see a tear so maybe I should say no more.

Do you remember the walks in the meadow, when I first said ‘I love you, sadness fills my heart knowing that you cannot remember, it is cold now in mid December, you have been laying here for so long your eyes so clear and blue, what can you see? What has your life become? I can imagine but fear that life may be hell.

I have tears in my eyes, for you my love, I feel so helpless I can no longer help, my only consolation is that I hope you can remember our walks in the meadow.

I see the Lord coming today… Oh no please don’t take her away, your breathing is slowing down, I tidy and fix your gown, My Lord Jesus Christ I hope you know about her life, as you slip away remember our walks in the meadow with the summer sun warming our skin, and the day I declared I love you.

Now that your gone I’m on my own our children would rather be left alone.

But I hope to see you one day and we can go for a walk in the meadows that we love.

My life is so empty now that you’re not here, I have a lot of fear, I can not stop the tears, when I remember you my dear, until the Lord takes me away I will remember our love always.

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