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ROUNDUP: Victorious Festival 2022

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Once again Victorious Festival proved to be another exhausting weekend with great highs and a few lows but overall it was very enjoyable.

My favorite acts were Sugababes, Sophie Ellis Baxtor and James, it was virtually impossible to see all of them as they were split between the Common Stage and Castle Stage.

I really wanted to see and photograph Anne Marie but unfortunately after watching and photographing Sophie Ellis Baxtor on the Castle Stage I tried to make my way back to the Common Stage and I can only describe the experience as carnage.

Sunday was always going to be the busiest day and this year was no exception, as I tried to make my exit the whole field was swamped with festival goings there were two rows of people trying to exit and two rows of people entering all at the same time, not only that there was also people cutting across the four rows attempting to get to the toilets.

We were being pushed along until there was nowhere to go because the crowd just stopped in a bottleneck and I felt myself being squeezed in and the only thing I could think of was someone will get hurt or even worse.

There were no marshals to be seen and to be honest it was a bit scary.

Apart from this one incident the festival was well organized.

The phone signals I would say could be improved for next year.

Moving on to the artists on Friday I saw James on the Common stage and he was very entertaining and definitely worked the crowd, the main headliners were Sterophonics for me this was the highlight of the Fridays lineup.

Saturday was my first full day at the festival and I spent most of the day at the Common stage watching and photographing The K’s Sugababes, The Wombats and Paolo Nutini over on the Castle stage I saw Baby Queen,Remi Wolf and The Subways, I have never heard of these artists and found them to be extremely good.

Saturday was busy with festival goers and the time it took to get out of the car park was reasonably quick compared to last year but improvements do need to be made.

As said previously Sunday is usually the busiest day somehow it did seem that it was busier than last year both the Common and Castle stages were a field of people as far far as the eye could see, and there did not seem to be much security or marshals at the Castle stage and one would hope the management team must reassess there crowd control.

On Sunday night the car park was jammed packed and you would have thought by now having been organizing Victorious the car park situation would have improved, there are many complaints on social media about this as well as mobile phone coverage toilets and price of food somehow nobody listens after all if there are no festival fans  there can not be any festivals, these small observations can surely be sorted for next year surely but i will give the whole festival experience an 8/10 hope to see you there next year folk.  

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