May 27, 2024

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Visually Impaired Photo Club Exhibition

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Langstone Harbour Sunset by Terry Stubbington

Sunset over Langstone Harbour by : Terry Stubbington

On 9th January our Visually Impaired Photography Club was opened by the Mayor of Fareham Cllr Mike Ford and we were happy to have him and the Mayoress with us for almost three hours.

The exhibition is being held at Fareham Library until Thursday 2nd February not the 6th as mentioned on the BBC South Today filming, Our VI Photographers have varying degrees of visual impairment but looking at the superb images you would not know at all.

The photos on display were taken not only locally but from Venice and Canada so if you go down to see the exhibition you will not be disappointed and if you wish to have one of them you are welcome to make a donation of minimum of £35.00 to help us cover the costs.

We are having a public vote so pop into the library choose your favourite photo and fill out the voting form and at the end of the exhibition the top three photographers will receive a prize given out by the Mayor of Fareham on Friday 3rd February at 11.30am.

We are looking forward to your comments and please enjoy our exhibition whilst it is on.

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