May 26, 2024

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I Want To Throw Myself Out Of A Plane

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Caroline Noble is visually impaired and attends LMS Fit Club every week, Caroline enjoys the club and other projects that Losing My Sight Charity are involved in.

When Caroline was fourteen she got run over by a car, since then she has had a fear of roads and rather throw herself out of a plane than cross the road, Caroline wants to have the feeling of free falling she said ‘it sounds exhilarating and can not wait’.

Caroline wants to do something  for charity and help make a difference, so by jumping at a hight of over 13000 feet, falling at the speed of around 120 miles per hour for the first 45 seconds and then falling with the parachute for about five minutes fits the bill,

I have no fear of heights says Caroline and that is because i can not see the ground, but she is looking forward to being strapped to a hunky instructor.

Caroline went to a main steam school and was bullied quite a lot, but looking back that made her a stronger person as she has forgiven them and does not want to go through life as a victim of bullying, Caroline just wants to live life to the  full, which is why she is doing a tandem charity SkyDive on 19th August at Netheravon Wiltshire.

Caroline is hoping to raise £2000 or more if she can for Losing My Sight Charity, if you wish to donate please go to Losing My Sight Magazine.