June 23, 2024

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On Saturday 28th July Kevin Davis and Ray Hunt took part in the Pru-dential Ride London which is is gruelling 100 miles long.

More than 100,000 riders participated in this annual event raising money for good causes.

Kevin and Ray done it last year in aid of diabetes which Kevin supports because his daughter suffers from it, but this year they decided to raise money for Losing My Sight UK, as they are both friends with David Dan-iels who has lost his sight too Retinitis Pigmentosoa but David has not let this stop him playing Ten Pin Bowling or blind cricket, Ray and Kevin have both seen David go through the traumas of sight loss to where he is today and felt that they wanted to help Losing My Sight UK as David is one of the trustees as a blind liaison officer.

Kevin admitted they had not done much training for the event this year going out on their bikes only three or four times, starting with a forty mile ride then up to fifty miles increasing to 56 miles including some hill work.

Kevin has done the London to Paris ride for diabetes so he is used to long cycle rides and they have both done the 100 mile ride last year so they knew what they were in for.

David Daniels said he was over the moon that Kevin and Ray were cy-cling to raise money for Losing My Sight UK in fact the whole idea some discussed over a pint in their local pub, which is where most good ideas are raised, Kevin and Ray were going to to the 100 mile event but at that point had not decided who too raise money for or even raise money for a charity, but a few pints later i assume the idea became a reality.

Kevin said when they crossed the line with Buckingham Place in sight they both said that they would not do it again next year, despite the UK was in a middle of a heatwave that day it never stopped raining and the wind was strong and it was horrible conditions, but on the Monday they phoned each other and said they would be doing it again next year pos-sibly for another charity.

The route started at the London Stadium which is West Ham football club’s ground then they went out through Richmond Park which was about twenty miles then out into Leatherhead, Dorking, Martin Hill which was the first hill at was horrible, as was Leith Hill then onto Box Hill which was used for 2012 Olympics, then back into London.

Kevin and Ray raised £455 for Losing My Sight UK some of the money will be used towards a Ten Pin Bowling completion between visually im-paired and blind people so Portsmouth will be taking on a knock out round competition against Basingstoke, then the rest of the money will

be put to good use to help the visually impaired and blind community in Portsmouth to live as much of a normal life as possible.

If you know anyone who would like too take part in next years Prudential Ride London it is on the 4th August 2019.