April 15, 2024

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In Dubai there is a group of guys with off road vehicles and every weekend  they travel to the desert in HATTA  just outside Dubai to have some fun.

I was invited to attend on my last day in Dubai so i could take some photos and i can only explain my experience as mixed between excitement  and wanting to go home because rolling up and down the sand dunes was really making melee sick, i was glad they stopped to let me out of the car too take photos.

These men have normal jobs in Dubai and find by going off roading at the weekends is not just fun but it is a release from the hard working week, they normally going out on a Thursday night camping and then start playing in the morning as the sun rises.

The desert is a beautiful place with the golden colour sand flowing off the top of the sand dunes against the blue sky makes it look such a relaxing place to be, then wham here comes the Pinoy Off Roaders they line up and take their place, and one by one they make their four by four vehicles dance between the dunes spraying the sand over the cars it looks so exciting from looking at it from outside, but when you get inside the car you are holding on for you life as you speed up the dunes and then all you see is the sky, then your stomach turns over as your launched  in the air before landing on the other side of the sand dunes.

This extreme sport is not for the faint hearted as you could roll your vehicle as one did that day.

After a few hours of being thrown around inside a vehicle i was so pleased it was over as this is not really a sport for me, but to get the photos, you have to join in the game and on that note looking at my photos i was glad i was invited.

If you visit Dubai there are organised off road tours seven days a week and if you have not done it before then you must try it at least once, thank you PINOY OFF ROADERS UAE for the experience, you can follow them on Facebook if your interested, they have around 2000 followers.

by: Dave Taylor

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