May 27, 2024

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The finale day had arrived. The fans who were excited about it and I was also buzzing.

          In the first part of my afternoon I hunted for celebrities and I was not disappointed! At first I felt awkward as I believe in asking someone for a photo rather than acting like a paparazzi but in no time I was acting like one – otherwise I would have not got any photos at all.

          It was kind of surreal: you see these people walk towards you and you think to yourself  “I know him,” and then as they pass by the penny drops and then I have to start running to get in front to take a photo. I must admit, I don’t think I could be a paparazzi if you paid me.

          I saw David Coulthard, Eddie Jordan, Steve Jones and Roger Federer as well as the F1 drivers so I was happy.

          The race started at 5pm but i was in place an hour before so that I could get a prime spot looking down on the starting grid. There was a fly-by from Etihad Airways with some jets flying alongside, which was kind of cool, and then the 2016 Etihad Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix was under way.

          Smoke trailed the cars as they all jostled  for a position before taking the first turn with Hamilton in pole position. He stayed there for the whole race and won the Abu Dhabi and the last leg of the F1 season. Rosberg took the world championship and Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team took the Constructors title.

          I tried to get onto the podium stands but was unable to do so. If I am fortunate enough to go back next year, that will have to be one of my challenges! The evening was finished off with a nice fireworks display.

By : Dave Taylor

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